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A Superior Approach to Philanthropy

Building partnerships and collaboration, focusing on leadership development and sustainability for a greater impact.

By Michel Jeannot, MD, FCCP, ABSM.

Every transformational organization or influential leader has challenged the status quo and influenced positive change. They were able to answer those three fundamental questions, the why, the what and the how. In this article, we will answer those three essential questions.

Challenging The Status Quo: The Why?

Philanthropy has a special role in bringing healing into this world. It’s the ultimate manifestation of our inner-selves wanting to do good, and wanting to serve without expecting anything in return. Philanthropy is not about achieving personal success, but rather reducing extreme poverty in the world, coming to the rescue of those in need, and bringing hope to those without a future. Philanthropy is about influencing positive change by taking the initiative where the government’s policies are failing. Philanthropy seeds hope in the world and reflect the essence of our character. A Philanthropist is a champion of those who can not speak, fight, and make changes necessary to elevate themselves out of their dire circumstances. A philanthropist is a champion of people.

Today, unfortunately, philanthropy is moving away from its original purpose. Fundraising has become increasingly difficult as more organizations emerge. The term, competition, has surfaced among us, therefore, more time and resources are allocated to find innovative ways to conduct fundraising initiatives. There is a lack of sustainable impact, and donor fatigue is looming.

Upon reflection, the donors have a point. There is no long-term plan; there is no exit strategy; there is no synchronization and coordination among our efforts. Instead of taking advantage of each other’s strengths, sharing resources and learning from each other’s mistakes, we are working independently trying to alleviate the symptoms of extreme poverty, rather than collaborate together as a team.

Imagine what we can achieve if we were working together toward a common goal!

The status quo is no longer sustainable. We should envision a new strategy that will predominantly address the causes of the poverty cycle in impoverished countries. We should coordinate our efforts for a more significant impact to bring healing and to create a sustainable world.

The Problem

Although there are more than 10,000 non-profit organizations operating in Haiti, the country’s status continues to deteriorate every day. The national production is suffering tremendously. The educated youths are leaving the country, by the hundreds, on a daily basis. They are risking their lives for a better future in Dominican Republic, Chile, and, Brazil. Our physicians are struggling. The majority of the population does not have medical insurance and the population is now accustomed to receiving free medical care. Healthcare resources are spent on short-term solutions without a sustainable plan.

The education system faces great challenges. More more than 200,000 kids are unable to afford tuition fees in a country where 90% of the schools are private. This situation is catastrophic. Since 60% of the population live below the poverty line, most families are unable to send their children to school. The teachers in Haiti can go months without a salary. The schools are struggling to keep their doors open, and many children are without hope of a better future.

A New Direction

HaitiLeve’s goal is to break away from the status quo. We hope to lead the way to a collaborative leadership between nonprofit organizations and building partnership opportunities. We are confident that by sharing our resources and knowledge instead of competing will prove to advance our vision of a better world. Investing in the education of local leaders, and empowering them, so they can change their communities is the best strategy to bring sustainability. By educating, supporting, involving them in the decision-making process and training these potential leaders we are enabling them so they can serve, lead, and transform their communities and perhaps their countries.

“HaitiLeve’s mission is to create a Haiti that is self-sustainable through initiatives that improve and promote leadership, education, youth development, innovation and national production.”

Our Solutions: The How?

A)Building Partnerships Opportunities and Collaboration For a Greater Impact.

Every organization is unique and brings a different perspective to the many social challenges; each of them may have a different target market or a specific cause they are passionate about. HaitiLeve is challenging the status quo and instead of competing for fundraising, we are actively looking to build partnerships to share resources, expand our programs, learn from each other, and gain different perspectives and ideas.

B)Focusing on Sustainable Solutions


One of the major challenges that any organization faces is a consistent stream of revenue to implement our programs, invest in fundraising, and cover operations cost. HaitiLeve is partnering with local leaders who have great business ideas that requires minimal investment. The organization will provide startup funds, guidance, business development, marketing, accounting support, and will help them expand their business. In return the organization will keep a percentage of the profit to pay local staff members. This will be a win-win situation for both the organizations and those local leaders at the same time, supporting our philosophy of sustainability.

C) Supporting Education and Innovation


HaitiLeve is partnering with the Andrews Simpkins Innovation foundation to provide coding, and robotic training to those local leaders, so they can teach kids in their respective communities, with the Haiti Tech Over program, we will be bringing job ready training programs in Haiti. We will be using remote teleconference technology to bridge the gap of connectivity and allow experts from the US and around the world to share their knowledge with our local leaders. One of our board members, Theodore Darko has started an initiative to facilitate the learning of cyber security to the motivated local leaders in Haiti. Our ultimate goal is to transform Haiti in the hub for technology in the near future.

d)Empowering and Developing Local Leaders.


HaitiLeve believes that sustainable change in Haiti will only come through the work of the local leaders, and our role is to support them on this journey of becoming effective leaders. HaitiLeve has been working tirelessly over the past 5 years to develop a sustainable and long-term approach to the extreme poverty cycle in Haiti that can be reproduced in countries with similar socio-economic conditions. We are proposing solutions that will address the cause of poverty in Haiti, which is the lack of effective leadership. Our programs are designed around the development of local leaders. We will ensure that they are provided with the proper leadership education and training which will provide them with the ability to serve, lead and change their communities.

Providing Leadership Education : The What?


At HaitiLeve, we are aiming to develop ethical and effective leaders through a variety of leadership activities such as online courses, live conferences, book clubs. Our leadership curriculum includes topics such as personal development, team building, understanding the essence of leadership and applied leadership theory. We believe at the end of our leadership course, those leaders will possess the skills to serve, lead and change their communities, organizations and countries.

“If we continue to pass this knowledge down to future generations, we will be leaving a legacy of change and prosperity in Haiti and in the world.”

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