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A trip to Haiti – Three Days to Spread Leadership.

Haiti: A hidden paradise, beautiful landscape and delicious cuisine.

By Jeannot Michel MD, Chairman of the Board of Directors

On April 4th, part of the Executive Leadership team and Board Member of HaitiLeve from Georgia, USA, went to Haiti for staff training and to facilitate experts in the US share their knowledge with the local leaders. We spent two nights at this beautiful all-inclusive resort called Decameron, three hours drive from the international airport, Toussaint L’Ouverture, Port-Au-Prince Haiti. All travel expenses along with accommodations were personal expenses.

The Trip

I was accompanied by my wife, Co-founder, Board Member and CEO of HaitiLeve, Natacha Etienne Jeannot. We traveled from Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, on our two and a half hour, non-stop flight where we were greeted by our local leadership team outside of the airport before starting our three hour journey to our resort. We experienced mixed feelings about the scenery, there were miles and miles of people on the street selling goods. In Port-Au-Prince there is long lines of traffic, and un-maintained roads. However, we were amazed by the resilience of the people.

The Resort

This visit was our second time at Decameron where delicious cuisine is served daily. However, there is room for improvement in its customer service. The beach is among the best in the world, the pool, and the amenities were fantastic. Additionally, there is no shortage of activities such as shows, outdoor music at night and excursions during the daytime. We believe that this will be the future venue for our Board Member retreats and conferences.

Organizational Leadership Meeting

The next day, April 5th, 2018, we started working.

HaitiLeve’s goal is to build effective leaders in every community in Haiti. Developing the leadership skills of the management team in Haiti is our main focus for now. Four team-members, Stephanie Dominique, Nahum Leandre, Arthur Mancini, and Junior Ignace joined us at the resort for a productive work-day. We began the implementation of a staged-approach to team building.

Stage 1: From a group to a team.

Stage 2: Assigning roles according to each person strengths.

Stage 3: Teaching collaborative leadership.

The leadership team in Haiti is facing many challenges such as a lack of reliable electricity, internet, transportation and above all, lack of economic opportunities. The team building process will take time, but each person is very motivated.

Remote Conference in Our Headquarters In Pernier, Haiti

On April 6th, 2018, we left the resort and drove to our headquarters in Pernier, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. We had two experts presenting from the U.S.A. via teleconference. Maurice Simpkins, who is a former NFL player and an expert in coding and robotics from the Andrew Simpkins Innovation Foundation, was gracious enough to give of his time to present an overview of coding and robotics to our local leaders. He discussed the possibility of bringing a coding and robotics camp to the kids of the community.

Following his presentation, Theodore Darko, a Board member of Haitileve, introduced the local leaders to different disciplines in Information Technology such as Networking, Microsoft System Analyst, and Cyber-Security. He discussed the path to certification and how obtaining a US certification in those disciplines can boost their resume and increase their chance on finding a job in Haiti. He offered his guidance to leaders that were interested in moving forward. We were glad to see that many were interested.

US experts sharing their knowledge with our local leaders.

What’s Next

  • We are considering a coding and robotic camp for next year.
  • We are working on a tutoring program to guide young leaders willing to deepen their knowledge in IT.
  • We will also need to build our own center very soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Dr. Michel Jeannot – President

One Example of Partnership And True Collaboration


HaitiLeve has established a partnership with the Andrew Simpkins Innovation Foundation to share resources, knowledge, support each others efforts, and expand our programs.

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