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Bendy’s News #1 : A Future and Hope

After the successful crowding funding campaign we led, your donation had a multiplying effect. Besides changing the trajectory of Bendy’s future, your generosity has motivated Bendy to achieve excellence. Your gesture compelled him to serve his community and share his knowledge.

Bendy is currently planing to go back to his community in LADELANDES, state L’artibonite in Haiti. In his next trip back home he will bring his laptop to educate the youth in his leadership chapter. He is the leader of the state committee in Lartibonite and part of the advisory board of HaitiLeve. Bendy has reached out to other states in the country to encourage the creation leadership chapters to mentor younger kids and to start literacy club for children who are unable to attend school in their communities.

Looking Back

The cost of inaction:

What would have happened to Bendy if you did not participate in this campaign?
Bendy would have stayed home, with no hope in sight. Most likely he would be looking for ways to leave the country like many young Haitians do, emigrating Chile, Dominican Republic or Brasil. The end result would have been a nonproductive citizen.

The contrast cannot be more striking; now he is a leader, an agent of change, serving his community and perhaps he may be one of the people who can help turning his community and his country around.

Why was this campaign so successful?

This campaign was successful mainly because you have decided to participate and give. Also, we have chosen the right candidate. Bendy is natural emerging leader with great potentials, conviction, determination and will to serve his community and his country. Helping Bendy, therefore, is helping the youth and underprivileged kids in his community, is empowering an agent of change and building an effective leader.

Our competitive advantage:

HaitiLeve is taking a different approach to philanthropy. We have an exit strategy. We have a plan for sustainability and we can envision a long term solution to the poverty issue in Haiti. We analyze every problem from different angles. Our project team in Haiti understand better their environment and culture and they help us find the single most effective solution for a greater impact. We have spent over 6 years of research, educating ourselves, brainstorming, selecting the right leaders, hosting think tank activities in the US and in Haiti to come up with the best strategy that will answer those following questions.

Bendy First Day At School

“I have no words to express my gratitude to each person who donated. You have changed my future forever. My goal now is to be the best in my class, share my knowledge with the youth in my community, be a good mentor for the kids, help HaitiLeve and my country succeed.”

– Bendy Dantes

You can support our work and future with a one-time or monthly donation, no matter how much, your contributions are what led us so far, and what give us the power to go further.


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