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First Leadership Conference in Haïti

Effective Leadership

HaitiLeve is an organization that is promoting effective leadership for a sustainable world. Therefore the organization hosted his first leadership conference in Haiti on may 13th 2017 at the ” Vilatte restaurant in Haiti” The event was nothing but a huge success.

Every single details were prepared by a group of committed volunteers, ready to help the organizations, their communities and their country.

The event took place in the heart of the famous Petion Ville, Haiti and was exhilarant, filled with history, culture, great presentations, and good food.

HaitiLeve strategy, is to invest and build a new generation of effective leaders in every community and every town, all our projects will be carried through those leaders in other to ensure sustainability, a culture of service, interdependence and effective leadership.

Joe Edris A gifted and talented and gifted speaker

Stole the show and gave an emotional recount of the History of Toussaint L’Ouverture. One of the most brilliant Haitian leader of all time.

The evening was full of activities.

HaitiLeve is focused on educating the youth about understanding the concept and theories of leadership, Dr Jeannot explained in detail the concept of leadership, and announce the creation of a leadership institute in Haiti.

Then it was time to talk about Leadership

Dr Michel Jeannot

Chairman of the board of director and one of the founding member of the organization gave a great expose about leadership.

This event was a testimony of the leadership of young Haitian professionals, from lighting to video, photo, food, and beverages. We say thank you to all the volunteers who participated in making this event a reality.

You can support our work and future with a one-time or monthly donation, no matter how much, your contributions are what led us so far, and what give us the power to go further.


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