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International Poultry Expo, Atlanta GA

Lessons From Two Haitian Leaders

The Internal Poultry Expo was one of the first activity organized by the Executive committee of HaitiLeve in Feb 2017. The goal was to expose local Haitian Leaders to new ideas abroad so they can apply their knowledge in Haiti to improve the national production. In Haiti, poultry farming remains a challenge and most of the eggs consumed locally come from the Dominican Republic, therefore it was crucial for young Haitian leaders to get exposed to new and innovative ideas in poultry farming.

From Jan 31st to Feb 2nd 2017, Roudy Emile and Dr Lerby Exantus traveled from Haiti to Atlanta, to participate at the The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) at the Georgia world Congress center (Atlanta GA) to make an assessment of the current state of poultry farming, eggs and meat production in the 21st century. The event was sponsored totally by the board of directors of HaitiLeve.

Our Delegates, networking with other Haitian Entrepreneurs

Our delegates also met with Haitian entrepreneurs like Gerald Termize who is highly active in the meat production in Haiti. Haiti leve has great ambition in making an impact on poultry farming and meat production.

“We believe that this activity will give us the basic knowledge we need to really engage in this path and start a pilot project in Haiti”

— Dr Lerby Exantus

The Impact

Chicken Coop Pilot Project Back in Haiti.

Roudy Emile, is using his knowledge from the International Poultry Expo, to build a small scale chicken coop, with 12 chicken with just 300$ US dollar. His family and friends are enjoying fresh eggs every day.

Lessons Learned

The project was a really great idea, our leaders were able to be exposed to new technology, this experience has broadened their experience and increase their confidence so they can take initiatives; However, the most important challenge that Roudy Emile is confronting today is to find quality chicken food at a reasonable price.

You can support our work and future with a one-time or monthly donation, no matter how much, your contributions are what led us so far, and what give us the power to go further.


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