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Leadership Academy- Status Report- Jan 2017- July 2018 Report

Building Leadership Capacity

We started our initiatives in 2017- And what a year! Our aim is to build the leadership capacities of young Haitians living abroad and in Haiti, so they can learn how to serve, lead, change their environments.

At HaitiLeve, we are aiming to develop ethical and effective leaders through a variety of leadership activities such as online courses, webinars, live conferences, book clubs. Our leadership curriculum includes topics such as personal development, team building, understanding the essence of leadership and applied leadership theory. We believe at the end of our leadership course, those leaders will possess the skills to serve, lead and change their communities, organizations and countries. .

HaitiLeve taken many initiatives in 2017

  • UN Youth Assembly
  • International Poultry Expo in Atlanta GA
  • Our First Leadership Conference in Haiti.


UN Youth Assembly Feb 2017


HaitiLeve executive committee sponsored five emerging Haitian leaders to attend the UN youth assembly conference in February 2017, in New York. The selected youth were actively involved with the organization. Travel and all expenses were covered, the coordination of this project was handled by Natacha Jeannot, CFO and vice president along with Cassandre Nereus executive secretary.

The Experience

Five young Haitians students had the opportunity to build their leadership capacity, by attending the UN youth assembly held in New York, USA. Those leaders had an opportunity to learn about the UN sustainable goals, meet other youths from around the world, and expose the extreme poverty situation Haiti is facing.


  • Learning about UN goals of ending poverty
  • Networking
  • Getting inspired

The Cons

  • The emerging leaders felt they did not have enough opportunity to expose the major poverty issues facing Haiti
  • The leaders felt that the UN goals were idealistic and did not see a real plan that can be executed in each country

Lessons Learned

The event was well planned and was uneventful.

Moving Forward

This is a project that we will continue in the future.





HaitiLeve hosted his first leadership conference in Haiti on may 13th 2017 at the ” Vilatte restaurant in Haiti” . The event was nothing but a huge success.

Every single details were prepared by a group of committed volunteers, ready to help the organizations, their communities and their country.

This event was a testimony of the leadership of young Haitian professionals, from lighting to video, photo, food, and beverages. We say thank you to all the volunteers who participated in making this event a reality.


  • We bring awareness of the importance of leadership development, conflict resolution

The Cons

  • Unfortunately we were only able to sit 80 participants.

Lessons Learned

This event was a great success. Local Haitian leaders had the opportunity to build their leadership capacity


  • Spreading leadership development is very crucial to create sustainable solutions in Haiti
  • We would like to impact more people, across the country


International Poultry Exposition Feb-2018

The Internal Poultry Expo was one of the first activity organized by the Executive committee of HaitiLeve in Feb 2017. The goal was to expose local Haitian Leaders to new ideas abroad so they can apply their knowledge in Haiti to improve the national production. In Haiti, poultry farming remains a challenge and most of the eggs consumed locally come from the Dominican Republic, therefore it was crucial for young Haitian leaders to get exposed to new and innovative ideas in poultry farming.


Soon after this trip, Roudy Emile started a small scale poultry farm at his house; however the high cost of poultry feed makes this business very challenging to make a profit.

Lessons Learned

The International Poultry Exposition in Atlanta is a great initiative for major investors and business owners who want to learn about the latest technologies and innovations in the industry.

We will continue to assess the impact of this project on the national production.

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