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Seeding Hope Program- Status Report Feb 2018-Jul 2018

Planning Phase

The Problem

More than 200.000 kids are unable to afford tuition fees in Haiti, and Over 90% of the schools are private in a country where 60% of the population lives below the poverty line. This situation is catastrophic. The schools are struggling to keep their doors open, the teachers go months without a salary, the parents are powerless and the kids have to stay home with no hope of a better future.

The Opportunity

The program started in Feb 2018. The program team in Haiti, lead by Junior Ignace have a profound understanding of the most urgent needs they have assessed in the country at this moment. They have decided to come to the rescue of families struggling to send their children to school. They believe that by helping the students paying for tuition for their children, they are helping the schools keeping their doors open, they are helping teachers getting a salary, they are alleviating the load on the parents, and they are providing the kids with an opportunity for a better future. At the same time, the leaders are having an opportunity to serve, lead and change their environment, their communities.

The Process

Junior Ignace

Civil Engineer

Hatiti- Seeding Hope Program project director

Candidate selection Feb 2018-May-2018

There are over 200,000 children unable to afford tuition every year in Haiti, therefore we had to come up with a selection criteria’s for a fair and equitable process. Therefore the project team in Haiti came up with a list of criteria’s for enrollment to the program.

The project team in Haiti reviewed all the information received from the local leaders, and have selected 534 children who have met the criteria’s to be admitted into the seeding hope program.

The Selection Criteria’s

  1. The initiative in a particular community must be initiated by a local leader.
  2. Only local private schools are included
  3. Only students who are unable to afford tuition should be included and this information should be verified by the principal of the schools.
  4. The parents have to sign a consent agreement to enroll their children into the seeding hope program.
  5. The local leaders agreed to mentor the kids on a monthly basis and to organize quarterly workshop with the parents.
  6. The local leaders and parents agreed that the kids must score at least a B on their final report card to be allowed to participate the following year.
  7. The family must attend at least 80% of the parents workshop in other to be qualified to participate the following year
  8. The students must attend at least 80% of the mentor-ship activities in other to be qualified to participate the following year in the seeding hop program.

Guinel Laurent


Haiti-Director of Legal affairs

List of Leaders by state and localities

Building a database for the students, parents, schools.

Natacha Etienne Jeannot




May-2018 up projected to be completed by July-2018.

Natacha Jeannot have built an online platform, to store the information about the students, their parents and the local leaders, this will be tremendously useful to assess the program effectiveness. At this point Junior Ignace has entered close to 470 files in that platform.

Natacha Jeannot was instrumental in this project and she put the proposal together. Her contributions are invaluable.

Drafting grant and corporate sponsorship proposals, along with promotional materials.

Michel Jeannot


HAITILEVE-Chairman board of director


May 2018 and completed by June 2018.

Once the proposal were completed, Dr Jeannot was responsible for the design of different promotional materials.

Our marketing team in Haiti was very instrumental in obtaining great pictures of Mme Senat and Christie, and some of the design were done by Kreyatif which is a local marketing company.

Seeding Hope Brochure

Corporate Sponsorship Proposal

Fundraising efforts

Started July 2018

Our fundraising efforts will start the first week of July. Our goal is to raise 215k, through different initiatives, namely corporate sponsorship, grants, digital marketing.

We have a dynamic executive team working very hard every day

We count on your participation, pledge a monthly donation today!


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