Understanding How To Give Responsibly

Give to make an impact !

You can make an impact today with your giving

Our world is facing so many challenges that the burden seems unsumontable and many change makers have lost faith and have giving up all together. However the flame of change is still burning in your heart. We are encouraging you to get involved again so together we can make a broader impact in the world.

kids playing with water in kenya, africa

Follow those 4 steps to become a Change Maker

1. Get Involved

The world needs you, don’t stay in the sideline and get involved with an impactful organization

2. Donate to and Volunteer with impactful organizations

Support sustainable and impactful visions

3. Donate mindfully rather than emotionally

As human we tend to make decisions based on our emotions. Take time to do research to assess for impact and sustainability

4. Donate to solve the roots of poverty and inequity rather than to patch the symptoms.

Impact in a nutshell

We have achived real impact in Hinche, Haiti

If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

” If we are building shools we should also change the education system”

” If we are building wells we should also help the people in remote communities reach economic autonomy”

” If we create job opportunities then people will have the means to pay for schools, medications, and medical care”