Success Stories

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In less than 5 months, HAITILEVE was able to achieve great success in Hinche, Haiti. This success is attributed to our executive leadership team, of honest, and effective leaders, willing to serve and their communities with excellence.

Saving Christie’s education

Christie Geffrard is an 11-year-old girl who live in Tabarre Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, who was abandoned by her dad, and her mother is unemployed, everyday she stood at her parent doorways, looking at other kids going to school with a sense of hopelessness…

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Giving hope of a better future to Bendy Dantes

Bendy was raised by a single mother of 3 boys who lost her job in 2003. She struggled to survive but was able to help Bendy graduate from high school. Bendy had no hope to pursue a career in a country where more than 6.5 million people…

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How We Built A State-Of-The Art Conference Center In Hinche, Haiti.

In Haiti, basic needs such as electricity, internet access, transportation, usage of the computer is a luxury and represent a major challenge for any organization who operate in Haiti. Once again, we have witnessed the impact of effective…

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Building an effective leadership team in Haiti

Building a cohesive team of young professionals in Haiti who are ethical, willing to work collaboratively, eager to learn, and who are disciplined and consistent was equivalent to finding a needle in a hay stack, but was…

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Opening our first business venture in Hinche, Haiti

Our executive leadership team in Haiti, lead by Enel Ariste was able to work collaboratively to open an egg station in Haiti serving breakfast in Hinche, Haiti. The furniture was built by Rodney Moise, our administrative…

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