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Recycling waste management initiative

The streets of Hinche free from waste by 2030: Circular economy, waste management The streets of Hinche, Haiti free from waste by 2030 Lets’s make of Hinche a model city, by 2030 The project details Waste collection and sorting 1)Waste collection , 2)Recycling station Waste transformation 1) Plastic transformation, 2) Metal transformation, 3) Organic to ethanol production,…

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Leadership Academy Initiative ( Hinche, Haiti)

Delivery of targeted and adapted online education, and training aimed at changing learned behaviors that prevent collective success to a culture of innovation, peace, civic engagement, collaborative leadership. Our goal is the build the capacity of local leaders in Hinche, Haiti, so they can shape their own future, transform their environment, and change their country

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Together We Can Seed Hope Of Education In Haiti!

Support The Seeding Hope Program And Make An Impact Today! Trending TodayLeadership AcademySeeding Hope of Education THE PROBLEM: More than 200,000 kids are unable to afford to pay for tuition every year in Haiti. Become a fundraiser today! Build your community among your church members, friends, family, coworkers, create your team, choose a name. Choose how…

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Seeding Hope Program- Status Report Feb 2018-Jul 2018

Planning Phase The Problem More than 200.000 kids are unable to afford tuition fees in Haiti, and Over 90% of the schools are private in a country where 60% of the population lives below the poverty line. This situation is catastrophic. The schools are struggling to keep their doors open, the teachers go months without…

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Leadership Academy- Status Report- Jan 2017- July 2018 Report

Building Leadership Capacity We started our initiatives in 2017- And what a year! Our aim is to build the leadership capacities of young Haitians living abroad and in Haiti, so they can learn how to serve, lead, change their environments. At HaitiLeve, we are aiming to develop ethical and effective leaders through a variety of…

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