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About our team

Over the years we have carefully selected a group of talented and passionate individuals with a heart to serve the desire to influence positive the determination to do what it takes to make it happen. We all want to see a better world and we believe we can achieve this goal by building effective leaders around the world, teaching them to avoid conflicts, to work collaboratively and by educating our kids to become emotionally balanced adults.

The executive leadership team in Haiti

Is perhaps one of the biggest success that we have achieved so far. We used leadership metrics such as character, integrity, leadership skills, ability to work collaboratively, willing to serve and to learn, and consistency to select each member individually. In less than 4 months they are now a well-oiled machine. Because of that team, we were able to build a state of the art conference center equipped with internet access, electricity, 65-inch screen TV for projection, and we are able to host teleconference. We are ready to begin online schooling. Now we are working to launch our social business venture in Hinche.

Enel Ariste
Local Executive Director
Rodney Moise
Junior Cherilus
Local legal representative
Arthur Mancini
Gidlove Extra
Secretary, Chef
Barbara Nwaehi
Executive Director
Ameer Hamza
Website Developer
CEO CreativeHaus
Stephanie Dominique
Social Media Marketing Coodinator

Our board of directors

Is built to govern and take their responsibility at heart. We invested the time to educate our board to think strategically so they can ensure that our projects are impactful, and sustainable, and successful.

Michel Jeannot MD
Chair, Board of directors
Natacha Etienne
Jeannot, CPA, MBA
VP of Finances
Adrianna Westbrook, CPA, MBA
VP of Finances
Keyla Almonte
Director, Board development
Lesly F Veve
VP, External affairs
Jessica Scotte
Marketing and communications Director
Rosemanie Saint Elien
Board of directors
Gigi Darko
Advisory Board

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Conyers, GA 30013

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