Toussaint Louverture Leadership Academy


The Toussaint Louverture Leadership Academy


The Toussaint Louverture Leadership Academy is a Leader and Leadership Development program implemented in Hinche, designed
to stimulate learning in young adults. Selected students have been privileged with a suitable environment conducive to learning. The
program is comprehensive and includes formally structured group learning activities, self-directed learning activities, and practicebased learning opportunities as capstone projects. Our impact measure includes changes in behavior and the ability to share the
knowledge they have received. At the end of the program, the students should be able to run successful business ventures, implement
projects with international standards, learn independently in English, and integrate technology efficiently into their daily activities


Impact is defined as when an individual or a collective has achieve intellectual and economic autonomy.


Example of financial autonomy (Hinche, Haiti)

After 3 years of intensive education and training, the local team in Hinche, was able to launch a restaurant and bar business venture locally in July 2022, generating a gross profit margin of 55%, creating 6 full time jobs, and buying local products from the farmers to produce peanut butter, sugar cane juice

  1. Increase sales to 150$ US per day by july 2023
  2. Able to cover all operation cost by November 2023
  3. Open a second business at a different location by July 2024

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