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Understanding the project

Women in Haiti are facing significant challenges due to socio-economic and political degradation. They are more likely to suffer from social violence, workplace harassment, and domestic violence. Additionally, women are typically responsible for feeding and educating their children, as well as managing household finances, but they lack access to credit and financial education. This makes it difficult for them to calculate production costs and establish proper selling prices for their products.

Providing zero down credit to disadvantaged or vulnerable women in Hinche and surrounding areas can be an effective way to support them in several ways. Here are some potential benefits:

1. Increased access to credit: Many disadvantaged women in Hinche and surrounding areas may not have access to traditional microcredit systems due to their financial situation. Providing zero down credit can help overcome this barrier and allow more women to access credit.

2. Reduced financial burden: Traditional microcredit systems often require borrowers to calculate their production costs and repay their loans with interest. This can be a burden for vulnerable women who may not have the necessary financial literacy or resources. Providing zero down credit eliminates this burden, making it easier for women to access credit.

3. Increased product variety: By expanding the variety of products available to women, this approach can help improve the economic situation of these women. They can diversify their businesses and explore new opportunities, leading to increased profits and economic stability.

4. Improved self-sufficiency: Providing zero down credit can help women become more self-sufficient by enabling them to start their own businesses or expand existing ones. This can lead to increased independence and improved quality of life.

Overall, providing zero down credit can be a useful strategy for supporting disadvantaged or vulnerable women in Hinche and surrounding areas. It can help increase access to credit, reduce financial burden, expand product variety, and improve self-sufficiency. However, it is important to ensure that proper safeguards are in place to avoid potential risks such as default and over-indebtedness.

The project aims to enhance the production capacity of an existing restaurant business in Hinche by providing machinery to reduce the labor-intensive process of bread production by hand and increasing the capacity of stoves. The business is profitable, generating a gross profit margin of 55%, and independently operated by a local team that transforms crops into final products for local consumption, such as sugar cane juice and peanut butter. The lack of machinery is a limitation, which the project seeks to address to enable the team to produce more efficiently and increase output.

The team needs specific equipment to increase production, including a flour mixer, a commercial dough sheeter and cutter, accessories, a commercial stove, and a 12 kW solar system.

SWOT Analysis for the Restaurant Social Business:


  • Effective leadership skills demonstrated by the team
  • Viability of the restaurant business
  • Ability to generate 55% profit margin in Haiti
  • Highly qualified and experienced team
  • Familiarity with QuickBooks and GoPayment software
  • Ability to generate revenue to cover payroll costs
  • High returning and happy customers
  • High demand for bread in the local market


  • Inability to increase production due to lack of adequate equipment
  • Unreliable availability of electricity


  • Bread is one of the most consumed products in Haiti, presenting a large market opportunity
  • Ability to provide bread to local restaurants, hotels, and retailers
  • Opportunity to expand the business to other areas of the country


  • Political instability in Haiti
  • Low purchasing power of the population
  • Local competition from other bakeries and food businesses

By June 2023

  • Increased revenue to $100 US per day

By Decenber 2023

  • Increaed revenue to $250 US per day
  • Continue to increase revenue by $50 US per day every 3 months up to a projected $500 US per day

By April 2024

  • Open a second resturant 

Business Expansion

  • Open a restaurant every year 


The team is uanble to increase bread production due to lack of professional equipments 


Restaurant Business

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Project timeline

Our humble beginning

Januarary 2019


Toussaint Louverture Leadership Academy

Courses sarted in July 2019

An effective team built

January 2022

local team in Hinche, Haiti working together to make pizza

Restaurant business launched

July 2022

Programs to create businesses

Restaurant generates a positive cash flow

November 2022

Income generation from the restaurant sales