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Program To Revitalize Agriculture In Haiti.

By Michel JEANNOT | March 16, 2023

Promoting Regenerative Farming.

Programs To Create Businesses in Haiti.

By Michel JEANNOT | March 16, 2023

To Promote Business Creation, Jobs, And The National Production.

Initiatives To Promote Virtual Learning in Haiti.

By Michel JEANNOT | March 15, 2023

Get involved in a revolutionay concept to introduce K-12 quality education in Haiti. Be part of a revolutionary idea that can change the destiny of the country.

Sustainable Farming Business Prototype

By Michel JEANNOT | January 14, 2023

Building a highly profitable regenerative farm in Hinche, Haiti. Program Description Regenerative Chicken Farming Regenerative Turkey Farming Regenerative Pig Farming…

Haiti Needs Your Help

By Michel JEANNOT | January 13, 2023

Sign This Petition Today Open letter to the Ambassadors of the fifteen states members of the United Nations Security Council…

Education Re-Imagined

By Michel JEANNOT | January 12, 2023

There is a need to re-inventing the current education system for a better society

How To Give Responsibly

By Michel JEANNOT | January 11, 2023

Give to make an impact ! You can make an impact today with your giving Our world is facing so…

Redefining Impact

By Michel JEANNOT | January 11, 2023

Follow the story of a group of local leaders in their quest to economic freedom in Hinche, Haiti.

Why Is Haiti So Poor?

By Michel JEANNOT | January 11, 2023

An analysis of the factors that contribute to the degradation of the socio-economic and political landscape in Haiti.