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Program To Create Businesses in Haiti.

By Michel JEANNOT | March 16, 2023

To Promote Business Creation, Jobs, And The National Production.

Program To Re-Imagine Education

By Michel JEANNOT | March 15, 2023

Get involved in a revolutionay concept to introduce K-12 quality education in Haiti. Be part of a revolutionary idea that can change the destiny of the country.

Haiti Needs Your Help Urgently

By Michel JEANNOT | January 13, 2023

Sign This Petition Today Open letter to the Ambassadors of the fifteen states members of the United Nations Security Council…

Understanding How To Give Responsibly

By Michel JEANNOT | January 11, 2023

Give to make an impact ! You can make an impact today with your giving Our world is facing so…

What Does Impact Really Mean?

By Michel JEANNOT | January 11, 2023

Follow the story of a group of local leaders in their quest to economic freedom in Hinche, Haiti.

Understanding Why Is Haiti So Poor?

By Michel JEANNOT | January 11, 2023

An analysis of the factors that contribute to the degradation of the socio-economic and political landscape in Haiti.