Sustainable Water Purification And Conservation  Initiative

Samburu Community, Kenya, Africa

Understanding the program

The Samburu people are facing multiple challenges that put their future at
risk. Water testing surveys have shown impurities in the water, which can
negatively impact the health of women, children, and men. Increased
migration and drought caused by climate change are putting a strain on
water resources, and there is also a risk of groundwater contamination.
Extreme poverty exacerbates these problems, putting the future of this
population in danger. Additionally, there is a need to protect the wildlife
that the Samburu rely on for their livelihoods

Samburu Village, Kenya, Africa

There is an opportunity to create a better future for a community.

Installing a water purification system will provide healthy drinking water in the short term, which can be turned into a business to generate revenue for future development projects.

Implementing water conservation programs will extend the lifespan of underground water, restore the wildlife ecosystem, and preserve the heritage for future generations.

LEVE International, in partnership with Aquasolar Technologies, has successfully rehabilitated a well in the Samburu community.

This has provided access to water for over 300 people, their livestock, and wildlife,
which were endangered due to the lack of water. This effort is crucial to protect the culture and heritage of the Samburu community for future generations. The well is currently producing 3,000 gallons of water per hour serving over 300 people and their livestocks every day.

LEVE INTERNATIONAL and Aquasolar Technologies worked together to restore a non-functioning well in the Samburu community in 2022. Now, we are seeking funding to implement a water purification system and conservation program in the community. We are actively writing grants and searching for partners to increase their impact.

Well Rehabilitation

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Initial well sponsored by the redcross


(Samburu Community)

Well stop producting water


Well rehabilitated by LEVE INTERNATIONAL


Kids playing in water, Samburu Community in Kenya , Africa


Current project

Sustainable Water Purification And Conservation. ( 2023)

  • We are currently writing grants to fund this project.

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